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Concrete Driveways

Richardson Masonry Inc. is a Licensed Concrete Contractor Specializing in Driveway Pours. Laser leveling and precision concrete form building and planning play a huge part in over 20 years of successful concrete driveway pours.


Concrete Walk Ways

Concrete Walk Way Pours are our specialty. Everything is graded and leveled for optimal precision and look out for great results. Need a walkway from the street. Maybe to and from a parking area or around the house, through gardening areas or perhaps a custom situation, Richardson Masonry Inc. can help!


Retaining Walls

Richardson Masonry Inc. provides many different solutions to property erosion and prevention. Oregon Coast rain storms can play havoc and can potentially destroy your home if erosion management and precautionary measures are not taken. From concrete block construction to solid concrete form building, Richardson Masonry has the experience needed to save your property and or even prevent erosion situations from even happening. Richardson Masonry is a certified and licensed contractor in Oregon – 20 years and going strong.


Inter-Locking Pavers

Inter-Locking Pavers are simply put, “time and money savers.” Now don’t get the wrong idea, inter-locking pavers are a more non-expensive approach compared to a concrete pour, but such pre-fab concrete material lasts and looks classy for applications such as a patio, driveway, or perhaps walkway. Proper leveling and edging, can produce some of the most eye pleasing and economically efficient options offered.


Concrete Foundations

New home construction and concrete foundations takes precision and experience to get the job done right the first time. Laser leveling, proper drainage, venting and whole lot of other applications are all part in making sure things go smoothly for your next concrete foundation pour. Concrete footings, proper sectioning and concrete sealing are all part of our expertise.


Custom Concrete

Custom form building for any project – no kidding! If your need any custom design or detailed concrete idea, let us know and we can help!